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Session Solar: Product Sales Sheet

I did the design and production for these product brochures using InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop.



Metacreations: Painter 6 Quick Reference Card

I did the lay out on this Quick Reference Card. The design of this piece is definitely information overload but they wanted to reference most of the features of Painter. Lots of intricate Quark work.



Aquent Partners: ISI Styleguide

I handled the production for this corporate branding styleguide. Included detailed breakdown of the company's Selling Theme (Promise, Tagline, Audience Boards, and Ad Schematics) and Corporate ID (Logo, Usage, Color Palette, Fonts, and Layout Grids).



Aquent Partners: ATM Forum Newsletter

I handled the production for this corporate newsletter. Layed up in Quark with lots of Illustrator work on the diagrams.


CSU Monterey Bay: Student Recruitment Viewbook

I handled the production for this viewbook brochure. Lots of Illustrator, Photoshop and Quark work. Set up a separate plate for spot varnishes on the circle photos and screenbacked background images. Also there was a cool set of spot varnish rings radiating out from Monterey on the map. This illustrated the distance to various destinations in the area.

CSU Monterey Bay: Factsheets

I did the layout for 48 of these Factsheets each year. They follow the same layout and use the same Quark stylesheets. We used 6 Pantone colors to differentiate Factsheets from various university divisions.


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