Andrew Porter's Portfolio - Homepage

Kia: Vehicle Specs for PDA

I designed several HTML & CSS based vehicle specs that were loaded on PDAs.



MEDILINQ: Website Design and Maintenance

I worked on the design and production of this site. The site has expanded to include a portal for member account pages.



Greyzone: Web Design

I designed this new look for Greyzone's website.



Session Solar: Monthly Email Newsletter

I designed this monthly newsletter based off the constraints for the corporate styleguide. There was a lot of troubleshooting the CSS to get the newsletter to appear correctly in all the various email applications. Eventually I had to apply CSS styles on every element.



Session Solar: Special Event Email

I designed this special event email invitiation.



CSU Monterey Bay: Large-scale University Website Implementation and Maintenance

I did the lay out, production, and maintenance of the site. Acted as an integral contributor in the user experience and web design process.

The site went live with reworked navigation and a new look and feel on the general homepage, five user-group homepages, and primary topical pages. This followed nearly a year of across campus collaborative developmental work and a summer of extensive testing and revision based on feedback gleaned via an online mechanism. The new design was intergrated with an XML-based content management system.


Camp SEA Lab : Web Layout and Development

I did the lay out and production of this site. Includes drop-down menus and homepage slideshow. This site needed to be Section 508 compliant (accessible to people with disabilities). Required setting up the site to work with screen readers.



First 5 Monterey County: Quarterly Email Newsletter and Landing Page

A quarterly email newsletter and landing page. The condensed email version was entered into the ConstantContact email distribution system. Clicking on the read more links takes the visitor to the landing page with a full version of all articles.



Cisco Systems: Website Design and Development

I worked on the design and production of this intranet site. Included collaboration with PHP programmers.



Zmak Creative: Website Development and Maintenance

I did the lay out and production of this site. My starting point was a Photoshop file of the homepage and subpages.


Steve Zmak Photography: Website Development and Maintenance

I did the lay out and production of this site. My starting point was an Illustrator file of the site. It has a Flash slideshow and nav on the homepage, extensive galleries, and online store.


HealthAlliant: Website Development and Maintenance

I handled the maintenance and improvement for this site.



Santa Cruz Film Festival: Website Design, Development, and Maintenance

I designed and layed out the first website for the Santa Cruz Film Festival. My starting point was the Illustrator file of their logo I got from their designer (image on the right).




Visa: Web Design

I designed this intranet site for a portal to Visa.



Terayon: Web Design

I designed this new look for telecom company Terayon's website.



Sally Smith Portfolio: Web Design, Development, and Maintenance

This is a site I did start to finish as a freelance web designer.



GN Resound: Web Design

I created these designs for GN Resound, an international hearing aid company. Distributors used this site interface to create their own website within the GN Resound look and feel. The Site Dispenser allows them to pick different themes, layouts and colors for the site.



RWS Language: Web Design

I designed the look for this subscription-based language research site.



Monterey Artist Studio Tours: Web Design, Layout

I layed out this site based on the printed program for the event. My starting point was a Photoshop file I got from the program designer.



Channel Access: Web Design

This is the new look and feel I worked on for Channel Access. I did this while on assignment at 2by4 advertising agency in Campbell, CA.


CSU Monterey Bay: Science Academic Center Website

I did the lay out, production, and photography for this site. The focus of the site was to provide information to donors and serve as a historical archive. It was a key tool in raising the $10 million of private funding.

Of particular interest is the "Building Progress" section of the site. I took digital photos of the building from the beginning of construction in October 2001 to the completion in August 2003. I set up an online archive of the photos and created a Quicktime timelapse movie of the whole construction. Web Design and Development

Below are web banners I made while on assignment in Sunnyvale for Aquent Partners (formerly MacTemps).

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